The end of an era.

I recently read ABC has canceled All My Children and One Life To Live. This is really shocking because these soaps are part of the cream of all soaps. For years so many people tune in day after day to see the craziness in Pine Valley or what tricks Todd is up to. I can’t imagine America without soap operas; yes I realize not all soaps are canceled but they will be soon enough. The only soaps left are Y & R, B & B, GH and DOOL.  It’s part of the culture to be home and tune in to unprecedented drama. Considering that now TV is populated by reality shows that aren’t even great, why punish everyone else and cancel something generations have been so accustomed to?

Soap operas to some people are nonsense while to others, a relaxing diversion from a busy day. Almost every county has one that airs during the day so single mums or anyone home can tune in and laugh at the silly stories.

I am really saddened by this news because it affects so many actors. What will happen to their careers? Other soaps aren’t really hiring. Some of these soap stars are veterans and being in a soap setting is the only thing they know. Truthfully, they have been typecast and it can be difficult to see them in other TV genres.

To say the least, for the most part, there is still hope if fans are outraged enough, ABC might change their mind.

Ejami Revisited

I can’t imagine what DOOL is thinking about with the ridiculous sl revolving around EJ, Sami, fake and real Rafe, Nicole and Taylor. It has become so outrageous that I no longer watch DOOL and it has really been months since I saw the soap. Occasionally I read what’s going on but nothing has changed since late last year. It’s amazing NBC has picked the soap up for another two years. I am happy for this news because DOOL was my first love… but they need writers who actually have an imagination. When ATWT announced they had come to the end of the rope and was canceling in 2010, I couldn’t believe it because ATWT was one of the best soaps around that positively had people who knew what they were doing…great writers, phenomenal actors and crazy fans. Yet their time was up without any explanation.


The problem with the writers is they want EJ to move on from Sami. In their lame attempt to do so, they have manufactured a loveless marriage between EJ and Nicole. These two do not know what love is. They hate each other and the only reason EJ is with Nicole is to put the screws to Sami. Nicole is with EJ because she has a twisted idea of what motherhood is and ultimately want to be close to Sydney who is not her daughter. It’s a long story but basically they are doomed. The strange thing about EJ is he claims to be over Sami and wants to “really” move on from the toxic obsession he felt for her. Yet he kidnapped her husband and kept him in his basement and had gone to extraordinary lengths to not only erase his memory but create a fake Rafe. Hasn’t it dawn on the writers that being over someone does not include still punishing them for not being with you?….. The kicker in all this madness is EJ is now having a sort of affair with Nicole’s sister Taylor. He has sworn he is madly in love with her and had never felt that way before. He is displaying possessiveness and wants to control who she is around already, yet this is true love EJ style.


In the meanwhile, Sami is living in an unreal world with a fake husband who has temper tantrums, hits on family members and talks down to the kids. How can EJ for the life of him think that putting his children in danger is the right thing to do? How do the writers live with themselves knowing that none of this sl makes any sense. If EJ wants to make a clean break from Sami, he ought to leave her completely alone, divorce his wife and invest real time with his children. In regards to Taylor, I am sure the writers could come up with some creative way for them to be together without him having to commit adultery even though his marriage is not real. With the direction the writers are moving towards, it would be a real miracle if we ever see Ejami together again.

Triangle Love

It’s no secret I am a huge soap opera fan. I love the story lines, power couples, villains, fashion and more. I used to watch As The World Turns a long time ago. I of course became a huge Carly and Jack loyalist and later a Carly and Craig supporter. I must say I equally like both men and each has a unique reason to be adored by the audience and why he should ultimately be with Carly. ATWT is now a canceled soap which ended on 9/17/2010 after 54 long and interesting years. I mostly watched episodes online and specifically the ones concerning my favorite actors.

Jack and Craig both LOVE Carly. Carly is a complex woman who seems simple but has an uncanny way about her. She is quiet yet outspoken, modest but outlandish and she appears innocent but crude. She’s an interesting character. Her distinguishing traits draw both men to her and she keeps them captivated for years.

Carly met Jack in 1998 in Montana. Without going through every single detail of their lives, I’ll just mostly sum up their relationship. I believe it started out as lust at first sight and worked its way to love and I mean deep precious supporting love. Jack cared very deeply about Carly, she was his everything and she poked all the right buttons to excite and annoy him. They spent most if not all their years as married, divorced, dating, breaking up and repeating the cycle over and again.

Carly and Craig stumbled upon each other sometime in 2000 I think, it could be earlier but I got interested in Craig after Hunter Block played him in 2000. Their relationship started off as friendship, one of the purest kind of love that leads to more love. Carly and Craig’s love was naughty, sexy, electric. When they were together, it was mind blowing, even when they were apart, their chemistry was tantalizing. Their love never stood a chance because Carly thought she wanted Jack and other times didn’t know who she wanted to really be with. So her life became one big circus. The thing with Jack was he didn’t fully understand Carly. He wanted her to be molded to his liking and spent a considerable time trying to change her. She resisted and each time she upset him, he’d talk to her like a child and with more resistance, he’d leave her. To further punish her, he’ll marry someone else and parade his new wife in front of her. Then he’ll go around and insist that she can not date other men… implicitly of course. In my opinion I didn’t think he really got what she was about, he wanted a certain kind of wife and Carly was too outgoing to just follow directions. Jack was hugely insanely jealous of any man that was near Carly, he didn’t want to be with her but didn’t want her to be with anyone else especially Craig. Jack must have seem the desire on Craig’s face when Craig entered Carly’s life as a friend. Almost all of Jack and Carly’s relationship problems escalated when Craig came into the picture. Jack lost control of the woman he thought he knew and he didn’t know how to regulate his feelings for Carly, so he acted like a spoiled brat and ended up causing unnecessary issues.

Unlike Jack, Craig really loved and adored Carly. He truly appreciated all aspects of her multifaceted personality. Because Carly had always been hung over on Jack, Craig felt he had to work extra hard to get to her heart. He started with friendship offering her business deals other people couldn’t. By and by, he tried to up the stakes to something a little more. Soon enough after countless heartbreaks from Jack, Carly began to have real feelings for Craig. Whenever she tried to solidify them, Jack magically came in to the picture. This led Craig to do underhanded things in his business dealings with her. Craig married and dated other women not because he didn’t love Carly, but because he loved her too much and felt being with other women would pacify his desire to be with Carly whom he could never really have. So begins the years of triangle love between Carly and her two men…..She was either with Jack or Craig and they both went above and beyond to secure a place in her heart and bed. Both men hated each other and did their best to make the other look bad in Carly’s eyes. It was easier for Jack to discredit Craig more often than not because Craig had done some things that truly backfired on plans to be with Carly. His plans had an adverse effect on her life and she came to a point where she could no longer be blinded by his love and leaned more on Jack.

In the final episodes of ATWT, Jack and Carly were the endgame. They got married and I presume will live happily ever after. It was bittersweet. I do love Jack and Carly together but it took them over a decade to come to the point where they could really lean and depend on each other without outside interference. Even to the end, I was not too sure they would make it, there was always something or someone Jack had to rescue and it strained their relationship. But somehow they managed. I felt super sorry for Craig, he spend so much time loving Carly and he really did love her to get a big nothing in the end. He made a toast at her wedding which was big of him. My feeling is Craig and Carly should have been the endgame. His love for her was always unwavering, passionate and pure.


April is one of my favorite months. It’s a magical month where wonderful things happen.

This month marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month. SAAM encourages everyone to be vigilant about sexual violence and educates the public about safe and unsafe behavior, the prevention of sexual violence and more. We must remember to be mindful of our actions and how it can affect others. For more information about SAAM, visit

April also is Stress Awareness Month. It goes without saying that our health is the most important aspect of our lives. By reducing stress, we may also reduce ailments that affect the body because of stress. Think about the things that triggers stress and try to come up with simple solutions to reduce or eliminate it. Most stress are caused by an overactive imagination. Sometimes, it is best to take ourselves out of a situation and really see it for what it is. At times, nothing can be done, like with grief….which is a process, but other stresses like money issues, boyfriend/girlfriend stuff and so on are things we can heavily reduce. We all have full control of our lives and only each individual can create the bliss or stress he/she lives in.

Happy April!